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It’s all in the way you look at it.  People can shape shift and in that they can also make you believe some twisted shit.  I can become just about anything I can imagine and in that I can really take every little thing and make it out to be some radical conceptualization.  I have been dealing with some deeply frustrating feelings lately that make me angry, on the verge of violent really.  But I have not lost control.  And now that I have been tagged as a possible threat, I have decided to go back inside, deep inside.

I’m not sure if this is self-preservation or some sort of abuse, but it is what my natural default setting has always been and remains.  So I will be handed off to better suited professionals.  But I will also become a better client.  I will be calm, controlled and deliberate.  Will this serve me better?  Hell no.  But if you really wanted to help me, you would’ve just kept talking to me instead of passing me off to someone else like I begged you to.

You can’t say I didn’t ask.  You can’t say I didn’t beg, cry, explain.  You can’t say you didn’t know.  And as long as you admit that, I’m fine with letting the many pieces fall where they may.

So say hello to this Jen.  This Jen, the one so many have met before; the one who will make you laugh, who will charm you and who will not appear to need your help because, and here’s the secret, she’s realized you have none to offer her.

This Jen is pleased to meet you.  Now, tell me, what can I do for you today?


What do you think about that?

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