tell me it’s all a bad dream   Leave a comment

I had a rough night last night and I’m kind of afraid to fall asleep tonight because of it.  My girlfriend had to wake me up two times from horrible nightmares.  I only remember the last time.  The dream was torture.  Literal torture.  I can’t really describe it because I don’t want to dwell on it.  Just thinking about it brings me to a dark place.  But it was the most vivid and unbearable dream I have ever experienced.

I haven’t been able to shake the sick of it all day.  It’s hanging on me like a wet, wool overcoat.  It’s heavy and there is a sad smell of grief draped over my shoulders.  I don’t know what I’m going to do.  I only know how to hide and now I know right where to find me.

I am my own worst enemy.


What do you think about that?

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