Unravel (my Aquarian Mantra)   Leave a comment

Do not expect me to explain myself to you

To the point where you comprehend

My inner most revelations

You will not understand

You can only perhaps respect

The position I am currently taking

Because I have come to you from a place

Of integrity and personal conviction

My mind changes constantly

Much like my spirit ebbs and flows

As it processes the new and ever changing

Energies and environments it encounters

As it channels its way through the various highways

Forging forward towards each epicenter that I find

Challenging and rewarding

Until I have a firm and satisfactory understanding

Of just how and why I have been called into

The corners of the universe

Which choose to seek me out and unravel another mystery

Pushing me further into greater

And ever more brilliant domains

I am not here to press faith into the heart of your consciousness

I ride the wave of thought and dream

And I know only the limits of my own

Imposing trepidation

Of which there is none

Jen Czahur


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