Fade   1 comment


I am lost



Complete unto myself


There is a man I know

Who has a family

And a career

And a life

A full life with so much possibility

And now he is gone

And I don’t get it

Because I am here to question

And to wonder

And I am nothing

But a burden

An empty hole that sucks the life

Out of the well intentioned

Like a vacuum

When anything good comes near me

It disappears

And I every so slightly


I have no children to tend to

No parents to dote on me

No career or education or passion to explore

I am simply soaking up resources

That could be spent on someone

Or something


I am not someone’s beloved brother

Who passed mysteriously in the middle of the night

I am a crass fool with no where to turn

Aching to fade from my own memory

Jen Czahur


One response to “Fade

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  1. Hello. I am a poet too. But I wrote a post last night. To you, and me and people hurting. Not even asking for a Like in my little window, ok? Just a read and a comment if you like and maybe some discussion between motherhood responsibilities.

    I really feel for you.


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