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I’ve decided to set myself on fire this year. I don’t mean literal fire. I mean I’m going to embrace the heat. I’m going to love the sweat and the blister of the sun and the difficulty in breathing that comes from the oppression one will surely find in the months of June, July, August; even creeping into early September. I’m going to surrender my comfort and embrace all that can be squeezed out of me. I don’t want anything to be sacred. I am going to purge and urge myself closer to all things scorched. I’ll drink water and eat ripe fruit and move slower then usual. I’ll allow time to pour over me, have it’s way with me and leave me abandoned and all used up. I don’t want to hide in the false love of air conditioned, prideful houses and buildings. I want to have a crease on my forehead from where my eyes have tried to fight back, only to be seared and immersed by the laser bright lightening of the late morning white star. I want to be left for dead on the side of the spiritual road like a small animal gunned down by a car going way too fast on a thick, hazy afternoon. I want to be left until the turkey vultures have had their share and what ever remains dries and burns its way in to the sticky, boiling hot, black tar highway. I am sacrificing myself and no one can save me. I am going to be bathed in the constant beam of the mother nova and I am never going to shiver in the cold, darkness again. I have killed my faith. I have ignited the fires beneath my smothering doubt and I am born anew in the clarity of my reason.

Jen Czahur


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