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I feel unsure

Waves coming in soon

Touching salt to skin

I feel the eager burn

But I don’t know much else

This is new to me

I have spoken of this

For years

Planned it out

And waited as if

Someone else would bring me home

But I guess now it’s certain

This is where I belong

I don’t want to continue

With the stories

And the webs

The intricate efforts of someone

Always trying and pushing

Just a bit too hard

Only to be stranded

Alone and the center of attention

They always said I was

The funny one

The smart one

The brave one

The loyal one

The strongest one

But they never understood

The feet I stood upon

Were not my own

I was perched upon

The memories and the fantasies

And the better days that just

Had to be on their way

I was hopeful




I was all of these things and more

So much more

So much less

And never quite enough

For me anyway

To patch holes

Splice fears with solutions

So that I may reach beyond

And find the subtle truth

An aching, deserving, loving


The chill of the night air

The water coming in closer

And the moon so big in the sky

And I breathe in what I know to be

The last chance I’ll ever have

At being free

And I take it

And I bow

And I find my way




Jen Czahur


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