Gotta Be Starting Something   2 comments

I’ve spent the weekend thinking things over.  I know I love writing and that, for the most part, it’s been the only thing I have ever really identified with for a long period of time.  Since I’ve been a little girl poetry, essays and short stories have truly been the most rewarding means I’ve had for expressing myself.  It doesn’t hurt that it comes rather easy for me since I tend to be easily dissuaded.  And the people who I’ve shared my work with have been, more often than not, supportive and appreciative.

I have always been under the impression that people have a calling.  Maybe that’s the remaining Catholic in me, who knows?  But in my way of seeing the world, people can be happy doing a host of varied things, but there is one main career or past time that really defines them.  I’m not sure if writing, plain and simple, is the one for me.  I’ve been toying with the idea of being a playwright.   I wish I had a more active community of artistic friends that would give me the opportunity to try my hand at all levels of involvement and experimentation, but as it stands, the friends of mine who are so inclined are also far away and not all that inviting.

Maybe I need new friends.

Regardless, I am just not sure that writing is where it ends for me.  It may simply be the beginning, but I need to start somewhere.  So I’m going to give it my best shot.  And I am going to keep my eyes, ears, heart and mind open throughout this venture and try to forge new alliances with people who can help me try new things.



2 responses to “Gotta Be Starting Something

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  1. Here is wishing you all the very best Jen with your writing journey.

    What a journey it can be. One wrought with peaks and valleys that will take away your breath but can also bring you down to your knees. But as you say, if it was meant to be – you’ll make it.

    Good luck and all good wishes,

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