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Hard to read between the lines, guess that makes it safer.  Everyone gets drawn in on something new, big time news, sad and startling.  So conversations begin again in the circles of those who think they know, wish they knew, believe, have faith.  A lot of energy spent to keep everyone feeling on top of the matter, but the truth is they don’t really offer anything of substance.  Of course, we all want to take steps so it doesn’t happen again.  That’s what they said last time.  What were you saying last time?  Is it basically the same thing you just said about it as it happened today?  Weapons are deadly, no it’s the people holding the weapon.  So it goes back and forth.  It’s about access to something, but we can’t pin point what that somethings is.  We all need our guns.  It says so in writing.  And we need to protect ourselves.  Besides, its not guns who kill people.  It’s people who kill people.  I’ve been waiting for nearly 6 months to have someone listen to me and I’m searching, waiting in the lines, filling out the papers, actually TRYING to be heard.  I can only imagine how we’re going to seek out the sad and lonely needle in the all-too-busy-and-underfunded haystack.  To all my fellow crazy people, reaching out in the only ways they know how, remember that it doesn’t change anything to be the one holding the gun.  You are the victim often enough.  Let’s not let them turn this around and waste more time and lose more innocence.  Some people believe in evil.  Some chalk it up to insanity.  Regardless, we are all human beings who need what we need.  Let’s not wait for another shot to ring out before we accept the plight of our brothers and sisters.  I hate violence.  I deplore anyone who can take the life of a child.  But enough vigils.  There has got to be something better we can do.


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