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We make bombs. We come up with social structures that implicitly cater to bullies and emotional vampires. We have governments that reward the few by trampling over the rights of the many. We have dreamed up religions that tell us we must sacrifice the very things that bring us joy, the things that make life worth living, stuff that makes sense and has facts to back them up. We’re told to hand them over to a God or to a troop of Gods that don’t even care enough to show their faces and allow us the courtesy of proving they even exist.

We have seen the virtue of team work, of forgiveness, of unity. We have learned multiple languages, mathematics, and astronomy. We know the bliss of a freshly baked brownie.

It would seem there have been countless blessings bestowed upon us as well as a vast avalanche of sorrows and burdens all in light of this unique element that only human beings have been handed.


It is ours. Cats, insects, trees, it is only we human beings that have the ability to put together imagination, perspective, objectivity coupled with subjectivity and an intense capability to speculate and yet there has been no successful movement to bring this species to a point where we are not valued by our ability to punch a clock, earn a pay check, acquire status items.

There would be no shame is taking us back to the time of hunter/gatherers. There would be no great travesty in sacrificing some of our “progress” in effort to rework what has been so badly defined and defeating.

Just ask yourself, if you believe we are currently on the right track, how it comes to be that the person who you point out as being lost, confused, insane is simply trying to get you to stop for a moment. To take a deep breath, look around, look inside, feel the seconds as the pass and enjoy the fact that for now you are alive.


What do you think about that?

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