The Virgins of Naladon   Leave a comment

The virgin lives and the virgin dies
She is the misquoted warrior
Flanked in the decadence of mockery

Falling asleep to the cries
Of dragons
Screaming souls entering
The fire

Signals flare
The restless quake
While sadness caves
Into quaint desire

Battle tested,
Weary but not defeated
The solders carry on
Open wounds,
Baking in the temporal heat
Forging the intentions of chivalry
And harmony
With a deepened, crushing agony

When the anger comes,
It comes for them
Faith diving into a lesser portion

Waking kings and the
Journeymen of lust and wonder
Selling the vestigial
Love of God

In hopes that they too may bargain
And resolve
The lonely ache of a crimson age

Bathing in the blood of the new
There is evidence to speak to this
In every corner of commerce….


What do you think about that?

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