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In trying to explain to my girl friend why I was upset with the tone of the political discussion on our facebook walls today I used a certain analogy. I find it sums things up rather well. And I am standing by it.

Let’s pretend, for a minute, that religion and politics were one in the same. (By the way, THEY ARE NOT) If in this country the main mode of being political was Christianity, a Baptist and a Catholic would be equitable with a Republican and a Democrat. Baptists going more “straight from a singular text” (Bible/Constitution) and a Catholic using the text but then asserting more of a structure to stand between the text and the people to offer assistance, interpretation and formality.

The Baptist has a preacher and a family structure while the Catholic has not only priests, but the pope, cardinals, the entire system of nuns and Catholic schools. Each group is following what they believe to be the most valid, the best and truest form that helps them reach the greatest height of morality and spiritual freedom, but they go about it in two extremely different ways.

Yes, at times, one looks very foreign to the other. And for many years these differing sides battled and fought over who was more sincere, more legitimately “Christ-like”. But in the last 50 or so years, the war has calmed a bit and only the most fanatical branches and off shoots still tangle about who deserves God’s blessing and instead have come to the understanding that they are all at least praising the same Lord (democracy), just in different ways.

They respect each other, because they realize that any path to Christ is better than any other option and that no one side is hateful, vengeful or ignorant, but merely exercising their faith in their own ways.

There have been liars in both camps. There have been men and women on either side who have used power or fear or anger to further their own agenda and at those times, those particular people have been flushed out as wrong and corrupt. But their followers’ intention was always to follow Christ and any compassionate person would know that if that was their intention, they were not ignorant, they were faithful. They were not disgusting or assholes or stupid or gullible; they were reaching for the same destination and therefore were always brothers and sisters in Christ.

Has it occurred to anyone that maybe people on either side of the aisle sincerely and with intelligence and compassion actually just disagrees about how to handle problems? And in this country, both are not only allowed, but sought after. I don’t think Republicans are evil and I don’t think that Democrats are anti-American, nor vice-versa. I simply think that people look at our issues, look at our possible solutions, think them through and follow what they trust is best.

A Baptist calling a Catholic a Satanist simply because they follow Christ with more “government” between the sinner and the Lord makes no sense.

I’m sure that both Jesus and Satan would agree.

And a Catholic pointing the finger of shame at a Baptist because they rely more on what they know to be true again merely creates a sense of hatred and fear which is the polar opposite of what Christ was trying to impart.

Say whatever you want about why you think your side is better, smarter, the best choice for us all. But if the only way you can prove your vote makes the best sense is by calling the other side something negative, you have not done enough to find a solution.

It is YOU that has chosen the lesser of two evils.

And at that rate, at least the person on the other side can still honestly state that they were never voting for the devil, but the best way of reaching heaven.

We all are Americans. And all of our voices, choices, issues and concerns matter and are valid.

One Nation, Under God, my friends; there are no sides come judgment day.


What do you think about that?

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