Faith lost on Fiction   Leave a comment

In the last six months or so I’ve been on a journey. As someone who has always been very faithful and extremely close to God, these new paths have been at times strange and difficult. But overall, I can clearly see the sense in my passage.

What has not been easy however is seeing the way other people have used the concepts of God, faith, prayer, religion and divinity to suit their very mundane causes.

The backwards way our country has of claiming what is righteous and decent is not only upsetting, but sincerely the hardest step to take in my new found passion. It seems that everyone feels they are right and that the rest of the world is flawed.

And I suppose that is human nature, the method by which every great thing, as well as every destructive thing, has come to pass. But I need to turn my back on these arguments.

For the first time in my spiritual life, I need to tend only to the flock of truth and no longer stumble after the false flock of the “faithful”.

I am saddened to have to cut the ties I have fought so hard to secure all of these years.

But following the truth doesn’t give the same allowances as following Gods that are created and designed.

So I will not pray on command. I will not give thanks to be apart of your tribe. I will not banish anyone to hell or offer anyone the grace of heaven. And if you ask, demand, offer or suggest, I will be closing the door to you and your absurdity.


What do you think about that?

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