Bye Bye, Lenny!   2 comments

In so many ways, this is the beginning of a new chapter for us. My girl and I have been virtually stuffed in a small bedroom for well over a year. We have the luck of living with a friend of mine, but until this very evening, there was also another man living with us all as well. And this other guy was a real mess. He was dirty and pretty much a rat. He hadn’t worked or anything in years and just stole our food and ate our scraps and lied about everything. Now that he is gone, (my girl is currently on her way home from dropping him off at the Philly airport) we can clean the house and feel free to use more of the space. We have had to keep canned and dry goods in our bedroom. And we’ve had to store everything in the fridge in many plastic shopping bags. The rule was that if it was in a bag not to touch it, even though he still did. But so much food was wasted because we simply couldn’t see what we were doing. It was a real shame. And I’m hoping that now that we can live like normal people things get a lot less stressful for us.

Along with the changes comes a lot of work. So much cleaning needs to take place. And so much rearranging and just the normal tasks of life that we have missed doing, but still have evolved to not doing. It will be wonderful but also a little tiresome to cook more meals, clean on a more regular basis and organize things. I am looking forward to it gratefully. I just hope my lacking discipline and energy levels don’t fail me.

The man we live with, the man whose house this is, he is a hoarder. There aren’t dead cats in the house or anything. But, for example, I just left the bathroom that my girl and I have shared with the other guy to ask him about this water pick thing I found. I said, “I’m not sure if this was his or yours but I found this and it’s literally covered in a quarter inch of dust. You wouldn’t have any use for it, right?”

To me, any normal person would be like, “HELL NO, toss that gross thing out!”

But he said, “I don’t know, probably not. Just put it under the sink and I’ll think about it.”

He will never think about it. He will never do anything with it. But he wants it in my bathroom taking up space and being gross because he literally can’t say “Throw it out.”

This is why so many dirty, broken things just get thrown away when he’s not looking. Otherwise, he would have us wallowing in filth and random parts of chaos. I can’t believe I even asked him. I guess I thought for sure he’d want it gone; my mistake that I will NOT make again.

And I had hoped that my girl and I could clean and then take the newly vacant room, but he said no. He wants that space to hoard things into. The only perk is he’s going to allow us to use it as well for storage so that the smaller room we share wont be as crowded and he also said we can put some of the stuff from the cluttered and never used dinning room in the larger bedroom so that we can actually use more of the house instead of eating every meal in our tiny bedroom.

It sucks a little because that just forces us to be in the living room with him more and sometimes that’s just not where I want to be. He smokes nasty smelling cigars non stop and some of the friends he has come over are down right rude. But they don’t come by all that often so hopefully it won’t be an issue. Plus, he works full time so at least we can schedule our lives to be out in the rest of the house mostly when he’s at the office.

I’m hoping. If I sound negative, it’s only because it’s been so long since this place has been comfortable or many any sense. I guess I’m just preparing myself in case it doesn’t move easily from one stage to the next.

Self-preservation and all.  Wish us luck!


2 responses to “Bye Bye, Lenny!

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  1. I’ve lived with hoarders and dirty people and rats, and I understand what a nightmare all that must have been. It really does get you down, and I’m glad the situation has improved, if only a little bit.

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