Over-priced Rug   Leave a comment

There were no signs of this from the beginning
How I did I know it was the beginning then?
I’ll think on that later
But for now I’ll just hide
In the myth that I had no way of knowing

So she walks into the room
Throws her bag and keys down
On the table she’s been told
A million times not to
Throw her bag and keys onto

And she starts in on some topic
That will surely only occupy
Her thoughts
Simple and focused as they
Always are

On her interests

Of which I am not one

And before I can stop
My hand reaches for a bottle of beer
Half full and warm
Sitting on a coaster
Because that is where bottles
Of beer rest
When not at my lips

And I stand
And I aim
Within a matter of seconds

So fast she has no idea
What is about to happen

And then
Just like it was some element of some sport
That I had trained at as a professional
For all of my adult life

I threw that bottle and it
Bounced off of her head
And she fell onto the over-priced rug
That we bought together
On our first anniversary

Which was just days before


What do you think about that?

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