I am Present   Leave a comment

Oh my drippy, dangly,
Nearly defeated mind
Is coming to you
From the other side
Of medicated bliss
And it wants to wave at you
As you squint
Into the bold black sun
At my back.

Hoping you
Lose your footing.
Hoping you
Tip over and off
And deep down

Counting the rings
On my fingers
I have none
I am unadorned

I am scarred and scorned
And there are damages
That need be paid for

Stand up and do your best
Singers singing songs of death
And the instruments nearly
Playing themselves

You were right
When you thought you heard bells

You were right
I said so myself

Children clinging to the clammy hands
Of parents scared and overtly fake
With their books and their charms
These children are in no harm

There is an angel present
Willing to shield them

Little did you all understand
It was you who would kill them
With your doubt in the science
And your faith in the clouds

Listen close
Can you hear me now



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