War Machine   Leave a comment

Soaked through – like the way the sun pokes holes through
Years of composition – mixed into existence by the very process
That rips apart and cuts deep into – everything

What creates, destroys
What demands faith – causes doubt in things
It’s the method by which devotion harvests its intent

Souls are not sold to the devil
They are reinvested and the game plays on

These heights have been climbed before
Only to have set us back on the path and forced
To ascend again
And again

And each time
The peak is further beyond the belly
Of the clouds
And what was once wide with wonder
Is now steep with regret, remorse and the lonely
Rationalizations of a fighter losing the pace,
The timing of steps and the follow through of swings

What can remain unknown – does so
There is darkness, shadows dancing in the flicker of
The night’s light
Where the light decides
To still practice it’s magic

And all that can be seen
Are the all too familiar signs
Of what is yet to come

But when it comes
As you suffer through it
Whether you choose – by nature, routine or master design
To struggle, dance, fight or flee
At the end of each encounter
All that can be promised
Is that you will meet again

For this battle never truly ends
Until you give up the fight forever
And hand over the keys
To your war machine



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