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In short….

I am trying to convince my lovely girlfriend, Karen, that she needs to find a way to turn all the many obstacles and negatives in her life into something she can work with. I’m trying to get her to freak out already, so that she can hone in on what is truly the point. The point? My baby loves to sing.

She loved to dance, first. She was a dancer and then, tragically, dancing was taken away from her because of numerous back surgeries and other physical issues.

But just because she’s in a cage (her body) doesn’t mean she can’t belt one out. I want my caged bird to sing until she melts the bars surrounding her and all she feels is the wind in her feathers.

I also just told her that we give such good advice. We’re such good friends to the people in our lives and we need to turn that love gun on ourselves.

We need to take our own advice.

I need to take my own advice.

But right now, all I want, is to hear the woman I love sing.

In her passion, I feel passion. In her release, I find release. By her purpose, I find purpose.

I love you, Karen Gloria. Believe me, believe in me. I believe in you and you can do this.

Again, it all comes down to TRUST.

Yours forever, in the most FUCK YES of the meaning of forever,



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