First Call to the Tribe   Leave a comment

What would be the soundtrack to your revolution? Who would you choose as your disciples? Or would it be a matter of who would choose to follow you? It may not be clear to you at first, but soon, you will see that each person that carries your message, whether willingly and with praise or begrudgingly or with an effort to distort and dissuade will be a song in your book of songs. And it is the melody that they conquer and leave within the hearts and minds of those touched that will, more so than any of your words or actions, stand the test of time and move you forward as a force of will.

Ground work has been laid down now, stretching out over nearly 40 years. There are relations, revelations and seconds on which all the world was hinged upon, the swing and sway and eventual fallout. Seeds were planted and the soil didn’t even know itself to be soil. Time soon to bloom, the time is coming.

Listening now to the music that painted and shaped so many moments in the past 30 years or so, remembering that each note, each lyric is really a cornerstone on which I place the foundation of these dreams and prophesies. So many markers, doorways for someone to take a step through, to stumble upon in a time of doubt, weakness or fear, these songs are the verses of my bible, the words of my God and the testament to which I send my flood, fire and love deep into the valleys and roaring over the vast plains, to cover the mountains and darken the sky. These are the desperate calls of the people. These are the willing sacrifices. And they will remain long after each soul has taken flight, found its place in some foreign heaven and then be returned to me.

No, it will not be easy. Not because it is difficult, but because people will never understand what comes without struggle. How easy would peace be? How easy would love, forgiveness and joy be if people focused on the true nature of life itself? But no, instead they need to plow a field to find a single grain of wheat, visit an entire shore to find comfort on the sands of the beach. People, these beautiful, miraculous creatures, fall to their knees only once their backs have been broken, their eyes peeled open and their skulls invaded.

And in the music they shall find some comfort, some explanation that does not fail them. It will not be the answer, but it will calm their souls and revive their spirits just enough to continue on until the light provides.


What do you think about that?

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