Notes on Faith   2 comments

Just things that I’ve jotted down this week while away from a computer….

I’ll do something with it later.


“Think of him as nothing more than a man. Think of him as nothing less than God.”

“-But how is that possible?”

“It is better to spend every moment of your life
Days and nights combined
Trying to find your way through this mystery
Than to do anything other

It is better to never understand its complexity
To never answer your question
Than to ever believe you know anything else”

I’ve spent so much time as both sinner and saint. Speaking with the tongue of an angel. My hands doing the work of the devil. Switching back and forth like it is a person’s natural state to shift without concern between the two. Maybe this is unique to me. Or the few such as me. Or maybe – this is the way for all humanity. And no saint, nor devil should ever benefit or be denied due to the other state of existence that makes them whole.



2 responses to “Notes on Faith

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  1. Some things of the Lord were never meant to be understood. Know this, that when we are with God, if we follow the true God ( Jesus ), then all things will be revealed 🙂

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