Put Yourself Back Together or Perish in Pieces   Leave a comment

The fault all along has been within; looking for someone who mirrored me when I didn’t even really like what I projected. Finding empty shells with hints of promise, hoping that with the right amount of coaching and prodding and pulling along, I could grow in them identical versions of me so that I would feel the admiration and devotion that I must have been fueling for my own need all along.
I want to be a bolder voice. I want to reach out to strangers and have someone stand up and say, “Now, that person made me think!” But I have settled for people who merely assume that I’ve done all the thinking and that they are either inferior because they cannot shut me up or superior because they need not even engage in the debate with me any more. If I have settled, I will settle no more.
I will not let the thoughtless and non-reflective types dismantle my efforts. I am an unstoppable force that needs to be weathered. Appreciate me if you will, implement me if you wish, debate and counterattack all you desire. But I am not going to stop the momentum simply so others may maintain their lacking self-preservation, all the while handing me the bloody knife.
It is you that has taken you apart, just like it was I that took me apart. Put yourselves back together or perish in pieces. But either way, your blood is not on my hands.


What do you think about that?

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