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As promised, I’m trying my damnedest to stay on top of this blogging endeavor. I have a few ideas for posts I’d like to write-up in the next few days, but I really wanted to share the things that are already floating out there in the vast internet. In my last post I added a link to my old Xanga.com account and here I’m going to add the link to a book of poetry I’ve put together and dropped on Wattpad.com. The poems are in alphabetical order and the more I look it over the more I realize that it was probably a mistake to do it that way. For some reason, at the time, it seemed very poignant, but looking at it now it would’ve served me better to put in more effort arranging them according to other criteria. If you do me the honor of checking it out, feel free to bop around and select random entries based on what tickles your fancy. There certainly is no reason to be all OCD and read them the way they are listed.
I’m putting a lot of weight on this project. I feel like if I spend more time trying to actually and honestly express myself instead of developing characters that merely scrape the surface of my motives and desires there is a good chance that writing could be more than a hobby. It might be able to serve as therapist, pastor, parent, child and stage. And let’s be honest here, I sincerely crave and/or need all of the above.
As always, thank you for your time and attention. Comments are always welcomed. And if you could like the actual book on Wattpad.com that would be swell. I’ll be sure to get some new original posts and poetry up on InTrinzic Value ASAP. 🙂



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