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Something happened to me the other night while out with a good friend. It was the sort of thing that I could turn into humor (as I did when I told the man I live with), encouraging (as I did when I told my girlfriend) or challenging and productive (as I did when I set myself in a quiet place in which to contemplate). I don’t have a lot of time to write about it right this moment, but I wanted to at least mention it so that I don’t forget to go back to these ideas and revelations the next time I can actually sit here and pour it all out.
At the very root of it all is this: in my life I have had three separate occasions where the random comment of a practical stranger has opened up my mind, my understanding of my life and my place in this world. Each was a man, even more to the point, each was a black man who, if I had ever listened to the majority of the people I was raised by I wouldn’t have even been talking with. But it has always been my personal belief that wisdom can come from anywhere and only a fool will turn her back on something of value because of its source. And because of that reasoning, beyond how I was raised, I was blessed enough to have my own mind and not be a racist. It is because I would never turn someone away merely because of a race or cultural difference that leads me to these conversations and I am so incredibly thankful for that.
Now, I just need to address the fact that each of these three men has had a negative impact on my life as well. It wasn’t their fault really. And part of the wisdom I walked away with, while encapsulated by one key phrase from each guy really was something bigger. It was something that was the total of time, place, state of mind, spiritual investment, social status and common ground.
As I’ve stated, I don’t have a lot of time and I want to dig deep into this for not only any possible reader, but for my own understanding. I am someone who never fully grasps something until I take the time to sit and write it out. So this will happen, soon, just not right now.
Right now, I need to focus on the fact that my girlfriend is feeling better, home from the hospital and laying naked in bed eating yogurt. 🙂


2 responses to “Not Much to Say

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  1. Thanks God if your girlgriend is feeling better

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